11 novembro 2018

Envelope Box

Hey! Here Irene Mendes, for today I prepared a festive chocolate sweets. I labeled them with  "Cardboard" and papers from the Vintage Trip collection. I decorated them with winter flower made with the beautiful paper pad.

I´ve a tutorial for this envelope box card and you can follow the Sep-By-Step...

You will need an A4 sheet of white paper and you should mark the lines on the chart below.

After cutting through the shape shown above, we will crease all the lines well and then we will create our envelope box.

Now we will create a small salience so we can put our present. I'll use a punch to create a half-circle cutout....

Now I must cut all my pieces to decorate my Envelope Box. I will try to leave a small margin of roughly 1 mm.

I'm going to put a ribbon of silk on the tones of my paper so I can tie it with a bow.

After lining my envelope with the decorative paper - Vintage Trip collection, I will prepare the elements that I will use to decorate. 
And although this collection is not christmas themed I'll make it more Christmas and festive and show that this collection is versatile and they can use for any occasion...
I chose a floral frame that will serve as the basis for the floral arrangement that I will prepare. I  use LA18111 - Cardboard - rectangular frame with flowers - Flower

For my Christmas flower I will use some cuttings to create the shape and I will give it a little more color using Distress INK. 
And then with the help of a baller I will break the fibers of the paper to make it more malleable and thus be able to give it the shape of a flower.
Here it is already mounted with several layers. The center of the flower is of dried flowers that I have at home. But you can use stamens on the market with the color you prefer....
For the interior I'll leave it simple, however I'll cut a "Doillie" and position it on the ledge I originally cut and I'll cut out some elements of our decorative paper. And this will be the beautification that I need to give you a bit more personality.

After all the decoration is completed I took some white gesso and I'll give it a snowy look.
Here are the photos with the final result. 

I hope to have inspired you and see you soon ...

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